Which features should I look at in handheld GPS systems?

Which features should I look at in handheld GPS systems

So, which are the best handheld GPS systems? Well this mostly depends on your budget and on your familiarity in using such devices. If you have never used a GPS beforehand it might take some time to get most of the functionality of some high end GPS devices. For example some GPS systems can give you the presence of water in the vicinity apart from showing land maps in their display. Others have included added functions that can further improve detail in addition to providing you with more precise information on your current location.

However if you are just getting used to a GPS device, then the presence of water is probably not something that interests you. In this case it is recommended to begin with an ordinary model first, then go to more complicated ones if you feel that you’re prepared for more complicated models.

Do some research both on the internet or offline and find out by yourself which GPS devices are best suited for your means. See what other persons have to say about specific GPS hiking equipment and ask for advice if necessary. Pricing is not the only thing that you should take into consideration. For example, other features that might also be important are the size of the device and the battery life.